Design, marketing, and content creation: Each project is approached with a fresh mindset – from initial research and concepts to final production – one thing remains constant: we create well crafted solutions to address content needs.

The Elevator Pitch

five65 is a design studio based in New Orleans. We create nice things for print and the Web. Led by Scott McCrossen, FIVE65 is on a mission to provide superterrific visual thinking to people who are passionate about their companies, products, services and ideas.

Expanded Thoughts

We believe in distinctive and relevant communication for all areas of business. We believe investing in creative services is a smart move in a crowded marketplace, and we believe our services will help you connect with your audiences.

We are not a “here-today / gone-tomorrow” startup, nor are we a “design-by-the-numbers” mega agency. We are an experienced team of design, photo and code geeks who have years of experience in project management for effective visual communication.

We always meet the objectives of the project brief, yet also look at the big picture.

We design with people in mind. Your end users are our target audiences.

We create logos, photos, websites, brochures, posters, trade show graphics, maps, infographics and other nice things. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our experience and approach.

Want to work with us? Download our project planner, and we’ll get started.